Syl Johnson: Every Way The Wind Blows ((FEATURE FILM MIX)) / by Daniel Dzula

I mixed this feature length documentary about Syl Johnson, the iconic soul singer and 'overlooked legend'. The film was produced by my friends at Production Company Productions and premiered recently at the 2015 Chicago International Film Fest.

Visit the film's website for more information, and watch the trailer below.

Soul singer Syl Johnson struggled for decades before leaving the music business in the 1980s to open a Chicago fried-fish chain. Since then, he’s become one of the most-sampled artists in hip-hop. The list of artists who've used his 1967 song Different Strokes includes Run-DMC, NWA, Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, the Beastie Boys, Kid Rock, Michael Jackson, Jay Z and Kanye West. With a lively soundtrack and an original score by Yo La Tengo, this documentary celebrates one man who can’t stop the music.