Dan Dzula is an Emmy award winning writer/producer/sound editor, and Grammy nominated audio engineer based in New York City.

Wearing many hats in the worlds of audio and video production, Dan specializes in production management, film and broadcast audio mixing, sound design/music composition, digital restoration, and video production/post supervision.

Dan cut his teeth at audio branding/commercial music houses Elias Arts and Shout It Out Loud, in the demanding cross sections of the advertising and music industries. As composer, music editor, and/or engineer, he has serviced countless campaigns for the world's leading agencies and major brands. 

As cofounder of Squirrel Thing Recordings, Dan resurrected the work of genius and disappeared  songwriter Connie Converse, restoring her catalog and producing Connie's commercial album debut. Squirrel Thing's albums have since garnered critical praise (and adoring fans) the world over. 

As production manager for the North American arm of a large British broadcasting company, Dan has produced hundreds of titles (including beloved brands Sherlock, Doctor Who, and BBC Earth) for DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, and theatrical release. 

Dan is a storyteller by training, and an engineer/geek at heart.